We realize ceramic ideas

Ceramic materials are wear-resistant, electrically insulating, biocompatible and stable at high temperatures. This means that they play a key role in almost all technical applications – even if they are not as omnipresent as metals and plastics. While traditional ceramics – based on clay – have been in use for centuries, modern high-performance ceramics have only been developed in some cases in recent decades.

As young as these materials are, the challenges in material selection, design, component manufacture and process accompanying quality assurance are as varied as the challenges they present.

For the user, the question often arises: How can I find the optimum solution for a component if metals and plastics are out of the question?

Based on our many years of experience in the entire spectrum of applications of ceramic materials, we offer innovative solutions:

  • CerPrint
    • Production of ceramic components from batch size 1, e. g. by 3D printing
    • Development of new components or processes ready for series production (with a focus on additive manufacturing)
  • CerCoat
    • Ceramic coatings for improving metallic surfaces
    • Effective electrical insulation on metals

We also support you with CerCheck:

  • Testing and assessment of ceramics
  • Assessment of damage cases
  • Simulation of application behaviour

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