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An important aspect of our work is the characterization of ceramic materials and components. The determination and knowledge of physical ...


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The demand for ceramic coatings on sol-gel base is increasing. Here, a metal surface is provided with a coating which ...

Das Programm für die Tagung Keramik+ ist nun online.

Programm und Anmeldung finden Sie hier: https://www.wzr.cc/keramik+/

3D Printing to Make Synthetic Fuels More Efficient and Cheaper

Jülich researchers together with WZR ceramic Solutions GmbH, the Greek Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the mineral oil group Hellenic Petroleum want to develop a 3D-printed membrane reactor with ultrathin cells for the production of synthetic fuels. This reactor is expected to be considerably more efficient and cost-effective than current devices, which, for the most part, are still at an experimental stage. Read More about “3D Printing to Make Synthetic Fuels More Efficient and Cheaper”

Unsere neuen Teammitglieder der WZR ceramic solutions GmbH

Jedes keramische Gefüge ist das Ergebnis eines Prozesses

Entwicklung und Herstellung keramischer Heizer mittels 3D-Extrusion

Art meets Technology – Ceramics from the 3D Printer

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) offers new, fascinating freedom of design, offering not only advantages in the manufacture of individual products and small batch sizes, but also opening up new design possibilities.

We – the KERAMION Foundation and WZR ceramic solutions GmbH invite artists, ceramists and designers to take part in our competition.

Create ceramic art from the printer. We look forward to receiving your designs and ideas! Read More about “Wettbewerb”

Ceramic 3D printing for energy storage

As a fire bringer and teacher, Prometheus is considered the originator of human civilization. The German-Greek research and development project PROMETHEUS is not about generating fire.

This PROMETHEUS is intended to supply human civilization with renewable and sustainable energy.

An overarching goal of the PROMETHEUS project is to develop a sustainable system for industrial application that converts energy into chemical/material energy storage by CO2/H2O co-electrolysis in one step, comparable to photosynthesis of plants. Read More about “Project Prometheus”

Topology optimization for ceramic 3D printing

In order to consistently exploit the potential of 3D printing for ceramic components, SiCo Solutions and WZR ceramic solutions GmbH jointly develop and test simulation methods that enable the topology optimization of ceramic components.

The aim is to develop ceramic components in such a way that they not only meet the requirements for lightweight construction, but can also be produced and sintered without problems – using topology optimization. Read More about “Project KeraTop”