In this process, a highly viscous ceramic mass is selectively applied to a building platform with a 3D extruder.

WZRceramic Solutions GmbH uses the “Delta 2040” device from WASP with the available LDM extruder. The building platform has a diameter of 200mm and the height of the component can be up to 400mm.

The material used is conventional plastic masses such as clay, but also specially developed masses based on technical ceramics.

The template provides a CAD file (in STL format) of the component to be manufactured, which is then divided into slices with the corresponding layer thickness.

The component created by this process is removed from the building platform after the drying phase and then debound and fired to give it its final properties.

The total cost of this process is significantly lower than other AM processes such as binder jetting or stereolithography, both in terms of equipment and material costs.


High Construction speed (up to approx. 300cm3/h) High strength Low porosity Favourable procedure


Depending on the geometry of the building, supports are necessary for overhangs Low resolution The surface has clearly visible indentations between the layers