The corona virus has enormous effects, which affect all of us professionally as well. Conferences and trade fairs have been provisionally cancelled, business trips are avoided – personal contact will hardly be possible in the near future. But we want to stay in touch with you:

Besides the usual variants such as e-mail and telephone, we can offer our customers and partners two other ways of communication, which are free of charge for you:

With Skype for Business from Microsoft, we can invite you to web meetings and share files and screen content free of charge.

We use the cloud version, using Microsoft's infrastructure. This ensures a stable connection and transport encryption (TLS).

If you do not use a Skype for Business client, you can also use the Skype for Business Web App. The corresponding Skype for Business Web App plug-in is provided by Microsoft.
With our telephone system (3CX) we can offer you an alternative to Skype which is hosted locally, i.e. the software does not run in the cloud but on our server in Rheinbach.

The infrastructure and the connection to the internet is maintained by WZR. Since this structure is smaller than Microsoft's, bottlenecks can occur when many participants join the web meeting. A transport encryption (TLS) of the data is guaranteed.

As a client you simply use your usual browser. This only needs to be WebRTC-compatible, which applies to most modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

For both alternatives, we can either invite you to a web conference at a certain time of day, or we can hold the conference spontaneously. We can share a screen, i.e. all participants of the web meeting can show and view data (tables or a PowerPoint presentation or CAD files).

Communication possibilities of WZR in times of Corona