CerCoat® – H is a transparent layer and is distinguished by a higher hardness, which leads for example to an improvement of the scratch resistance of metal surfaces.

CerCoat® – H has the following characteristics

  • Transparent layer
  • ≤ 1 micron layer thickness
  • Scratch resistant coating, depending on the requirement, the hardness can be adjusted
  • Dishwasher resistant
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Facilitates the cleaning process
  • Firing temperature > 180°C

CerCoat® – H can be used for the coating of steel, tool steel, glass, aluminum, among others Peek.

The components are coated using the dip coating method, whereby the sol is converted into a gel. By firing this gel it is finally converted into a ceramic layer, whose thickness is in the range of up to 1 micron.

CerCoat-HThe picture shows a polished steel plate whose right half was coated with CerCoat® – H. A scratch test was carried out with three different loads and about 150 cycles.