CerCoat® – P is a system in which ceramic particles added to the sol. Thereby, a structuring of the surface can be achieved. The layer thickness can be varied by the percentage of filling and / or the number of layers applied. The wearing resistance compared to unfilled sols is increased significantly. Particularly interesting is that the electrical insulation or dielectric strength is possible by using this coating. These features extend the application spectrum of CerCoat® coatings.

CerCoat® – P layers have the following characteristics:CerCoat-P

  • Transparent to colored coating, depending on the type and degree of filling with particles
  • Hydrophobic properties,
    Contact angle of 90 ° to 110 ° to water
  • By adding ceramic particles a layer thickness up to ≥ 80 microns is achieved
  • Wearing resistance depends on the degree of filling with particles
  • Electrical insulation ≥ 1.5kV
  • Biring temperature > 200°C bis 300°C

CerCoat® – P P is suitable for the coating of steel, tool steel, copper, aluminum, glass, Peek and Others.

CerCoat4CerCoat4 stainless steel substrates with polished and burnished surface coated with CerCoat® – P. By using the optimum of filling it is possible to produce a transparent and at the same time hard layer.

WZR provides ceramic sol-gel coatings as a service. In addition to “standard coatings”, the development of customized coating systems is offered. Raw material base here is SiO2, Al2O3 oder ZrO2. The selection is made in dependence on the application and will be selected in agreement with the customer.