Refractory material is used in the foundries in many different ways.  From the lining of furnaces, launders, pots and pans, to the hollow ceramic goods, feeders and shape fabrics and finishings.

The WZR offers a comprehensive and competent counseling and testing of all Refractory products used in foundries.

This includes the analysis of materials before use as a quality assurance measure and the monitoring of the infeed and analysis in case of a damage or failure. Another topic we deal with is the assessment in case of a damage; we supervise and keep records of the excavation work for the subsequent investigation for the determination of the cause of damage. The investigations are carried out by our interdisciplinary team and with the help of our well-equipped machinery. For additional research, we can count on the expertise of our partners. Thus you can get all information you need at once. In case of an accident you can rely on our technical competence in matters of Ceramics and Refractories.

We are the right partner in the occurrence of process problems and casting defects associated with refractory material. Usually it is necessary to have a holistic view of the workflow to make a well-grounded statement, for this reason, we strive for visit the foundry to collect all information we need; we also perform production assistance.

Our skills lie in capturing the cutting point between refractory / metal. For example; we study the interactions between refractories and metallic melt, slag and additives. Those investigations enable us to analyze casting defects as well as corrosion in stoves, pans and launders.  We are able to analyze the elements oxygen, carbon and fluorine for  the analysis of oxidized areas by using our SEM.  Understanding the wear and corrosion mechanisms make it possible to optimize the selection of materials and furthermore the development of customized process improvement-measures. In addition to the analytical investigation, we can simulate realistic conditions in form of corrosion tests and by that develop own Refractory products and produce which are customized for the individual conditions.

In addition, we also analyse casting moulds and accessories with regard to wear and develop solutions to increase lifetime. One example are ceramic coatings.

We offer training courses dealing with the topic of refractory materials; it is self-evident that the detailed topics will be chosen according to your demands.