The refractory material in waste incineration plants is exposed enormous stress in terms of temperature and chemical wear and corrosion depending on the structure of the system and the management.

The WZR ceramic solutions GmbH offers you a comprehensive and competent consultancy and investigations for all Refractory products in the waste incineration.

We offer quality assurance procedures, which include the analysis and consultancy of potential materials.  Thereby we analyze the Data given by the provider of the material by going through our inspecting catalogue. If the data sheet specifications and the results met, the materials and the order of fire-resistant material is released. This leads to a characteristic data catalog for each material, the improvement of supplier-user relationship and most importantly, it increases the safety and service life in incinerators.

We also offer our assistance while developing a specific data-catalog. One, from our experience important data point, for example is the detection of hot flexural strength, therefore we examine the strength during a certain temperature (possible to 1500 ° C).  We also offer the quality-assurance regarding the installation of linings in plants, we are  supervising the building process of the system. Here, for example, we control and document whether the drawings are implemented correctly, and if the correct materials are installed and stored according to specifications given. Samples will be taken to make sure that questions and claims can be cleared even after a certain time.

Of course, we also offer you the sampling for the analysis of the actual state during downtimes as well as the monitoring, documentation and sampling of excavation work in case of damage for subsequent determination of the causation.  We have an interdisciplinary and experienced team and an extensive instrumentation to make sure we can give the proper results within an appropriate time.  For detection of outwearing and corrosion mechanisms for example, we have a light element detector in combination with our scanning electron microscope, it allows us to detect the element fluorine analytically as well.  We also have partners to count on when it comes to additional investigations, so you can get all the results from a single source.

We offer training courses dealing with the topic of refractory materials; it is self-evident that the detailed topics will be chosen according to your demands.