Over the past 30 years, the global raw material consumption has doubled to around 70 billion tonnes per year. It Already exceeds the regenerative capacity of the earth significantly, jeopardizing the development opportunities of future generations. (German Federal Environmental Agency)

Sustainability is an important issue in our time. Many companies already use take chance to safe something for our future generations, though each company sets its priorities differently. Thus, a wide variety of responsibility was created inadvertently.

The WZR has put his emphasis on the effective use of resources and the knowledge management.

As WZR we use our raw materials as effective as possible in order to make a take our responsibility to protect our ecosystem and to retain our resources.

In addition to the thoughtful use of raw materials we take the knowledge management very seriously, because it is an important resource.

On the following page you will learn more about our commitment. We are always open for notes and questions.