The WZR ceramic solutions GmbH is able to  monitor the quality of your raw materials, no matter whether it is supplier or customer raw material. Quality control is the alpha and omega for ensuring quality of (ceramic) materials.

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The WZR ceramic solutions GmbH offers a variety of test methods.

If the overall chemistry of your raw materials is of interest, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to be carried out by the external laboratories we are cooperating with.

Furthermore, the entire phase constituents of your raw material can be determined qualitatively and quantitatively with our  X-ray diffraction analysis. Similarly, an individual chemical verification of particular grains can be carried out with the SEM / EDX- technology. The grain shape (rounded, angular etc.) can be analyzed with the SEM, too.  Furthermore, the WZR ceramic solutions GmbH has an LS 13320 (Laser Diffraction Particle Analyzer) to determine the particle-size-distribution of your raw material.

Abbildung 1 Korngrößenanalyse
Abbildung 1 Korngrößenanalyse

Therefore you can get an accurate picture of your raw material and thus it is possible to guarantee or exclude an ideal applicability. Preventive examinations are the key to satisfactorily results.