The technical use of ceramics usually takes place where other materials such as metals or plastics have already reached their limits. This can be a high thermal, mechanical stress or a special medium. However, attention must also be paid to the other properties of technical ceramics in contrast to metals, such as increased brittleness. Consequently, components should be designed differently in order to fulfil their purpose. If this is not the case, cracks or even complete breakage often occur, leading to total failure of the component in use. An expensive and avoidable circumstance. For this purpose, WZR ceramic solutions GmbH offers an analysis with regard to cause, application behaviour and testing of existing components in accordance with current standards and customer specifications. This helps to optimise components, predict their service life and check their suitability. This system increases the service life and reduces costs.
On request, we can also develop small series for the corresponding purpose at low cost and transfer them into production.

The causes of component failure are as varied as the application spectrum itself. Defects in the structure, such as pores or corrosion, as well as changes in the phase inventory due to use are not uncommon!

For the analysis of the damage, the knowledge of the intended purpose and the conditions is of great importance. Thus, sources of error can be excluded in advance, while others become more probable. WZR ceramic solutions GmbH has an extensive portfolio of analysis methods at its disposal in order to make comprehensive statements on the cause and, if necessary, on the course of the damage.

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Martin Witscher
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