Our Mission: Material Development and Process Engineering

Perfect starting conditions were offered when Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg founded WZR ceramic solutions GmbH in 1996  in the newly built technology-center in Rheinbach (Germany). With a rising customer demand the number of analytical and testing devices – we were able to increase as well our number of employees.

With an increasing range of possibilities, new operating-fields were opened. The testing and characterization orders were soon followed by customer-requests for material improvements. The topics material development and process engineering were the next steps. To meet the new requirements we moved into a new building in 2003, which was extended in 2005. Here we could set up our customized services optimally. Since then the customer- and competence range increased constantly.

Our Purpose: Innovation

The potential of additive manufacturing of ceramics was already recognized in 2004. Starting at this time, WZR has done fundamental developments in the area of ceramic 3d printing which led in several patents. Nowadays WZR has summarized its activities in that area under the trade name CerPrint®. We sell 3d printed ceramic parts, do development projects, sell powder and inks to customers worldwide.

Since 2006 we offer the production of ceramic parts starting with lot size 1. Step by step we establish 3d printing, vacuum hotcasting, and CNC machining as production methods with differing accuracies down to +/- 0.01mm.

Starting in 2009 WZR works in the field of ceramic coatings. Under the label CerCoat®, we develop sol-gel coatings, does coating jobs and sells liquids to customers applying coatings on their own.

Our Team: Young Highly Qualified Professionals

From day one, the promotion of young talents was one of our corporate goals. So we cooperate with Universities and Faculties. We have accompanied and supported many students and young researchers in the field of ceramics over the years. This way, we have accompanied many theses in different areas.  

Some of these very talented young researchers became members in our team. The combination of senior professionals and junior researchers creates a very creative and productive setting for innovation and learning. This is why we are current in all fields of ceramics.